5 mens best socks for long distance walking

teko-walking-sock-image-with-hikerHappy Trails: Best Backpacking Socks for men

Most hiking connoisseurs know the importance of owning and utilizing a pair of high quality walking socks. Being on your feet for long periods of time can make walking and even standing extremely painful – without the right pair of socks, of course.

Although it’s unfortunately quite true that good quality socks are not what most would consider as being a cheap purchase, the money you spend on walking socks should be viewed as a sort of investment. Simply put, higher quality sometimes does come at a higher cost, but this cost pays off in the long run, as these socks are intended to provide comfort for years before wearing out.

Good quality walking socks are important to every long distance walker because they are designed to absorb moisture from your feet, ensuring that they remain dry, eliminate odor, and prevent blisters.

When shopping for walking socks, ensure that you avoid ones that are made out of cotton only. The highest quality socks are crafted out of synthetic materials or fine wool, or a combination. The benefits of owning good walking socks are invaluable, so if you have yet to invest in a pair, check out this list of the best socks for backpacking and take your pick.

wigwam-mens-hiking-walking-socksWigwam Men’s Cool-Lite Mid Hiker Pro Quarter Length Sock

These Wigwam socks have been specifically crafted for hiking, but nevertheless are comfortable enough to wear throughout the year for casual use with multi-sport shoes. The overall goal of these walking socks is to keep your feet dry, preventing blisters and odor at the same time.

These seamless walking socks are quick drying. Included within each sock is a lightweight mesh instep designed for breathability, as well as a cushioned foot and seamless toe closure designed for comfort.

  • 62% Coolmax Polyester, 21% Stretch Nylon, 9% Cotton, 8% X2O Acrylic
  • Mid-weight construction
  • Seamless toe seam
  • Welt top and “Y” heel pocket
  • Available in various color combinations and sizes

Pros: Comfortable; no bunching up; fits like a second skin; prevents blisters; durable; keeps feet dry; worth every penny

Cons: Run slightly small

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thirty-48-mens-hiking-socksThirty48 Light Hiking Socks, HKL Series, Thermal Crew Socks

These Thirty48 socks are excellent for any type of outdoor activity, such as hiking, backpacking, trekking, camping, and mountain climbing. These socks are even perfectly suitable for either extreme or team sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, basketball, baseball, and football.

Quite possibly the best socks for hiking boots, these particular socks work well as boot liners, making even work boots, construction boots, and trekking boots comfortable.

  • 50% Cotton, 25% Acrylic Wool (Vegan), 20% Lycra Spandex, 5% Nylon
  • Elastic arch support that minimizes friction and supports the plantar arch of your foot for the utmost comfort
  • Cushioned and breathable fabric that provides abrasion protection and soothes aching muscles by maintaining airflow for dry feet at all times
  • Available in various color combinations and sizes

Pros: Comfortable; lightweight; durable; keeps feet dry; perfect for all sports

Cons: Run slightly small

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smartwool-mens-hiking-sockSmartwool Men’s Hiking Medium Crew Sock

These Smartwool socks have been designed for hiking, particularly rugged day hikes and moderate backpacking, but the overall design of these socks provides you with an excellent pair that serves as all-purpose, all-season outdoor socks.

  • 74% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 1% Elastic
  • Arch brace that holds the sock in place and provides additional support
  • Flat-knit toe seam that keeps feet comfortable during long treks
  • Available in various color combinations and sizes

Pros: Keep feet dry; great for hiking; not itchy; hand washable; eliminates odor; perfect thickness; excellent fit; comfortable in summer despite wool construction

Cons: Might shrink slightly after first washing

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teko-light-hiking-sockTeko Light Hiking Walking Socks

These Teko socks are recommended specifically for all-season hiking. Their overall construction works hard to save your feet from whatever rough terrain you may encounter on your treks. The light cushioning underfoot provides a smooth feeling of comfort to each step.

  • 36% Organic Merino Wool, 35% EVAPOR8, 23% Nylon, 2% Elastic
  • Lightweight construction
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Available in various color combinations and sizes

Pros: Excellent fit; perfect for hiking; lightweight; fast drying; warm socks despite light construction; keep feet dry

Cons: Recommended for use only with hiking (not multi-sport)

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darn-tough-vermont-mens-merino-wool-boot-socksDarn Tough Vermont Men’s Merino Wool Boot Full Cushion Socks

These Darn Tough socks have been crafted to provide long-lasting comfort, whether you are trekking trails or mountains, or simply want to enjoy the high quality construction for daily use. Featuring dense cushioning around the foot and shin for the utmost comfort, these socks also maintain good elastic in the arches, providing support.

Ribbing above the ankle ensures a proper fit, while the invisible seam ring-toe construction ensures that there will be no bunching up. These socks are built to maintain their shape and sturdiness, regardless of age and amount of use.

  • 69% Merino Wool, 27% Nylon, 4% Lycra Spandex
  • High-density knitting
  • Performance fit
  • Built for all-weather multi-sport use
  • Lifetime guarantee and replacement policy
    Available in various color combinations and sizes

Pros: Quick drying; comfortable; prevent blisters; keep feet dry; excellent construction; perfect fit; hold up well despite multiple washings; great lifetime guarantee

Cons: Slightly more expensive but absolutely worth it

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walking-hiking-sock-tony-on-rockWhich are the best hiking/ walking socks on the market?

Overall, the five types of socks presented above are each finely constructed, providing comfort and the ultimate performance.

No single brand of sock is necessarily better than the other, seeing as how your enjoyment of the product is based purely on your personal taste and needs.

However, if a recommendation of some sort were to be made, perhaps it would prove worthwhile to check out the Darn Tough socks when you’re ready to dive in. The Darn Tough socks are of extremely high quality, providing all-weather multi-sport use – but better yet, their lifetime guarantee and replacement policy is unbeatable.

If looking for something that will serve well during more casual use, check out the Thirty48 socks. The Thirty48 socks are also of excellent quality and double for use as multi-sport socks, as well as hiking and other outdoor activities, making them quite versatile. Whichever brand of socks you choose to invest in, you will not be disappointed in the least – and your feet will surely thank you.