KEEN-Women's-Targhee-IIWhich are the Best Hiking Boots?

We review five of the best ladies hiking boots and five mens hiking boots.


salomon-gtx-quest-pair-mens-bootsSalomon Quest Mens Hiking Boot: Road and Mountain Tested [more…]




See our Fitness Tracker /Pedometer reviews right here…

Pedometers have become really popular with the population being more fitness savvy.

We can now measure just about anything with a gadget and pedometers are a great device for tracking how far we travel.

The main benefit from this little device is the psychological boost that it gives us to help us achieve physical goals with raw data.

The old saying ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ is spot on as far as fitness is concerned and the electronics and health industries have jumped right on the bandwagon to let us measure and manage our health.

Pedometers have technically evolved from a simple step measuring device to provide a multitude of features creating the multifunctional fitness tracker. In fact some have so many features it’s a wonder that any walking gets done!!!

omron-alvita-ultimateA fitness tracker can provide a multitude of functions including:

  • Step and distance data
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep pattern data
  • Data provided over hours, days months and years
  • Computer and smartphone linking to allow data analysis

We look at the full range of pedometers reviewing what they can do for you, what they are good at what they are not so good at. Wading through the technical jargon can be boring so we give you the best fitness tracker advice in plain old ‘people speak’.

So get your boots on and get out onto ‘them thar hills’ 



Scale the heights and keep fit


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