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body vision pt600 power tower best ab machineWhen you want to get your abdominal area in shape, you need the best ab machine around to do the job. But not everybody wants to use the same one. Techniques and tastes vary.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to work the abdominal muscles. 

I’ve read hundreds of abdominal exercise equipment reviews. Filtering the results, I discovered what the five best exercise equipment for abs are. Stability balls, Roman Chairs, adjustable sit up benches, ab wheels, and bars offer a huge variety of movements that target the core.

When you buy exercise equipment, it needs to focus on engaging all the muscles you forgot you had. Abdominal exercises force the stomach muscles to work harder which strengthens them. With the right equipment, you can have your abs strong, tight, and ripped in no time at all.

With the best ab machine at home you will have constant motivation to work out and keep your body in tip top condition.


best ab machine Exercise Fitness Yoga Core Stability Balance Swiss Ball 65cmExercise Fitness Yoga Core Stability Balance Swiss Ball 65cm 

Abdominal muscles are the very center of our bodies. When they’re weak, all of our other muscle groups suffer by overcompensating.

A stability ball is one of the best exercise equipment for abs because it forces them to engage more.  Pushups, crunches, bridges, back stretches, and squats can all be done using a ball. 

It requires a more controlled movement thus forcing the muscle groups to work harder without the risk of injury. Stability balls are a wonderful way for beginners to ease into working muscle groups that are used to being idle.

Engaging the core muscles burns belly fat, decreases back pain, and improves our overall balance.  Throw out your office chair that causes back and shoulder fatigue. Sit on a stability ball instead. 

Ease back and belly pain associated with pregnancy.  Rehabilitation of injured muscles benefit from a stability ball because it engages them in slow smooth motions. 

This piece of kit is relatively inexpensive, highly mobile and takes up little space – the best starter ab ‘machine’ to get you in shape!



best abs machine powerlin roman chair back hyper extensionPowerline Roman Chair/Back Hyperextension 

If you’re going to buy exercise equipment, invest in something that zones in on the core. Sit ups focus on your abs and not much else. 

This chair is designed to work on back muscles as well as abs. The chair gives the entire core a deep workout.  You can stretch, strengthen, and tighten abs, back, glutes, and hamstrings in one single movement on this chair. 

Imagine doing a backwards sit up.  Using a Roman Chair engages all the required muscles plus more. Facing the floor, core muscles contract to push you away and up, working as a reverse sit up.

Sitting at a desk all day does nothing but weaken your body.  Keeping your back muscles strong avoids lower back pain, pulled muscles, neck pain, and shoulder pain.  Leave the love handles at home, and lose the saddle bags. 

Working out with a Roman Chair gives your body no choice but to get stronger.  Thighs, glutes, back, and abs have to work together so they help one another grow stronger.

best ab machine Powerline Roman Chair/Back Hyper extension latest-price


best abs machine bowflex body towerBowflex BodyTower 

A multi-station workout machine uses every muscle group to its fullest potential.  The BodyTower lets you perform 20+ exercises.

Work arms with push ups, pull ups, and dips. Strengthen legs with squats and knee and leg raises. Tighten core muscles with planks, sit ups, and crunches.  The obliques, shoulders, and back work in conjunction with each exercise.

By using your own weight as resistance, you can raise or lower the intensity by adjusting the angle of your body.

How do you fit professional gym equipment into your spare bedroom?  You find the same equipment a gym has and bring it home.  The best ab machines for home use take up little space and offer lots of movements. 

Working your body on a comfortable piece of equipment that’s sturdy yet space saving is better than going to the gym.  Since it offers a variety of movements, boredom won’t set in.  Change your routine regularly to keep your body guessing.

best ab machine Bowflex BodyTower latest price


best abs machine perfect fitness ab carver proPerfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro 

Why is an ab wheel the best ab machine for home workouts?  Because it uses minimal storage space while delivering an intense workout for your arms and abs. On your knees, grasp the handles, and roll away from your legs.  It’s that easy. 

Abdominal muscles contract as biceps, shoulders, and pectorals labor to stay balanced. Movement – called “carving” – to the left, right, and center targets specific muscle areas. Obliques and the upper and lower abs get a tough workout. It concentrates on carving the abs without hurting the back or spine. And the arms become more defined as balance increases.

Using your own body weight against you eliminates the need for weight plates or barbells.  So you hate lying on your back to do crunches and sit ups? Then this may be one of the best ab machines to do core work. 

It uses slow and controlled muscle movement to build up the core.  It focuses on using core muscles that have been long forgotten as it improves the body’s balance.  Included knee pads cushion the only part of you that touches the floor. 

best ab machine Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro latest price


body vision pt600 power tower best abs machineBody Vision PT600 Power Tower 

With multiple workout stations, the entire body can be incorporated into a single workout. Chin ups, pull ups, dips, leg raises, knee raises, push ups, and more use all the muscle groups.

Using your body weight as resistance, there aren’t any weight plates to fiddle with.  Shoulders, back, core, glutes, and legs are targeted so you can get in shape fast. It’s one of the best ab machines for home use because it lets you get a full body workout with special attention to the core.

When you want to buy exercise equipment, think of the type of results you want.  If working out the entire body is your goal, an all-in-one exercise station is an excellent solution. It’s less expensive and more compact than several individual pieces. 

And why go to the gym when you can save time by getting the same workout at home?  Each muscle group can get as much or as little attention you want to give it. Do arms and core one day, then legs and core the next. The choice is yours.

best ab machine Body Vision PT600 Power Tower latest price

Finding the best ab machine is possible if you know what to look for.

How do you find the best exercise equipment for abs? Aside from reading tons of abdominal exercise equipment reviews, know your limitations and expectations.  The best ab machine is the one that gets the core unequivocally involved. 

One of the best ab machines for home workouts is the Bowflex BodyTower.  Its brilliant design of multiple stations maximizes small spaces while working all the muscle groups.  If getting fit from head to toe is your plan, this is the perfect tool.   

But if you want to target just your stomach, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro does the job. You can never be too fit for the Ab Wheel. Forget the boring crunches and carve out a new core for yourself. 

Whichever piece you decide to buy, exercise equipment that gets you to your goal is what you need.  Maximum results with minimum risk are the optimal solution.

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