Best long distance hiking boots for men

salomon-best-mens-hiking-walking-boots5 best brand hiking boots for men

There’s no better way to enjoy nature’s playground than to hike your way through it or to the top of a mountain to view it. But hikers need the right equipment when braving the great outdoors. The elements aren’t always kind. Snow, ice, slush, mud, and loose dirt can make a pleasant adventure become a true nightmare. You’re supposed to be hiking up the mountain, not slipping down the side of it. Having the right type of hiking boots before hitting the trail should be number one on your checklist. And, yes, it is possible to have a sturdy pair of boots that are also comfortable.

Merrel-Mens-all-out-blaze-mid-waterproof-hiking-bootMerrell Men’s All Out Blaze Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

For the avid hiker, these boots offer comfort while providing some amazing traction and stability. Foam shock pads are placed in the heel and the ball of the foot to minimize impact for a softer landing when your feet hit the ground.

merrell-mens-blaze-mid-waterproof-hiking-boot-soleThe thick soles are a bit heavier than others, and they are made with a lug pattern which means there are deep indentations strategically placed to grip the terrain. This provides stability and extra traction as you move. No lugs are placed in the arch of the sole – increasing the flexibility and comfort of the boots. The only real drawback is that mud tends to accumulate in these deep ridges which may be a pain to keep clean. 

Did we mention these boots were waterproof? They keep liquid out, but the breathable mesh material allows moisture (a.k.a. sweat) to escape so your feet stay dry no matter how many miles you trek. To keep the tongue from sliding to the side and causing irritation, there’s a small band to run the laces through, keeping it firmly in place. Plus, with the built-in odor neutralizing microbes that naturally fight bacteria, you can say goodbye to those stinky feet.

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Salomon-Men's-Quest-Origins-GTX-Hiking-BootsSalomon Men’s Quest Origins GTX Hiking Boots

Probably the most premium quality hiking boots, you won’t believe all the perks included in the price of this amazing pair. They are lightweight for easy mobility, but offer extensive protection and traction on treacherous terrain. With a higher cut, your ankles have more support which adds more stability plus protection. The heel is flared and provides even more stability to protect against twisted ankles. While the entire lower boot is leather, the upper part is fabric panels. But it still offers quite a bit of stability and an impressive amount of durability.

salomon-mens-quest-origins-gtx-hiking-boots-soleInside the boots, you’ll find an OrthoLite sockliner – a type of foam that engulfs your foot in a dry and cool interior while providing extra cushioning for the entire foot. It’s an abrasion-resistant lining that covers the inside while maintaining breathability and air circulation so your feet can breathe.

Let’s not forget the protective rubber toe-cap. Or that these boots are waterproof. No more blisters, no more odors, no more wet toes.

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Timberland-White-Ledge-Men's-Waterproof-BootTimberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot

The full-grain waterproof leather construction of these boots will amaze any hiker. The solid rubber sole has waterproof sealing to keep your feet dry all day without sacrificing safety or comfort. The sole is designed with multi-directional lugs to give your feet extensive traction on almost any surface.

timberland-white-ledges-mens-waterproof-soleThere are flex grooves imbedded behind the ball of the foot and in the grooves of the toe area that moves with your foot’s natural walking and stepping motion.

The tongue is gusseted to help relieve the pressure of the laces on your foot as you climb plus prevents debris from sneaking in. The heel has an external covering for rear foot protection against falls and slides.

Nobody likes sweaty feet which is why Timberland has added the dual density EVA footbed to this great pair of boots. They are removable and perforated to promote air circulation which wicks away moisture as you move.

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KEEN-Men's-Targhee-II-Mid-Waterproof-Hiking-BootKEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

These rugged leather boots offer their owner the resilience of being waterproof while providing the comfort of an athletic shoe. The foot insert is wrapped in a waterproof membrane, so you can be sure your feet won’t get soaked in the rain or snow. The foot liner provides extra comfort while promoting wicking of moisture.

KEEN-mens-targhee-11-mid-waterproof-hiking-boot-soleThe sole is made of multi-directional lugs that provides dependable traction on a variety of outdoor surfaces.

For a little added protection, there’s the S3 heel support – shock, suspension, and stability. It absorbs shock while keeping you stable in order to prevent ankle twists and tumbles. Let’s not forget the rubber toe protection that wraps up and around to protect the entire toe bed.

The only drawback to the awesomeness of these boots is that it can rank rather low on the durability scale since the sole has a tendency to work its way lose from the boot sometimes.

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Danner-Men's-Radical-452-GTX-Outdoor-BootDanner Men’s Radical 452 GTX Outdoor Boot

Another durable waterproof men’s hiking boot, this pair of tough footwear is lightweight with a sturdy sole that grips even the roughest terrain while the polyurethane midsole is extremely soft. These boots are super stable because they have internal and external nylon shanks that keep your ankles secure and protected.

danner-mens-radical-452-gtx-soleThey boast being 100 percent waterproof from top to bottom to prevent soggy feet and blisters. Unfortunately, these boots don’t have a safety toe built into them.

Being only lightly insulated, they won’t keep your toes toasty warm, but it’s nothing that an extra pair of socks can’t rectify.

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salomon-mens-walking-bootsFinal Thoughts – recommended walking  boots

Trekking through the rugged trails and paths that nature offers can be exhilarating with the right accessories. Without the appropriate hiking boots, it can quickly become a disaster. The Salomon Quest Origins GTX hiking boots can make your adventure that much better by taking away the worry and uncomfortableness of a lesser pair of boots. They may be a little more expensive than the rest, but they offer the highest quality material, the most comfort, and their durability is unmatched.

salomon-mens-walking-hiking-boots-Being lightweight certainly does not take away from their outstanding stability that helps to keep you hiking and not twisting your ankle or slipping down a ravine.

The comfy foam sockliner will make you forget that you’re wearing boots at all. Your feet will enjoy that all-day hike just as much as you will.  


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thirty-48-mens-hiking-socksIf you have the boots – the socks can be just as critical.  See our review of highly rated top quality walking / hiking socks right here and give your feet a treat!