Best Tent Brands Review – 5 top Rated Brands

Camping is one of the best ways to get up close and personal to nature and is an altogether different experience than a vacation in a hotel or holiday home. It can also be a total disaster if you don’t chose the best tent brands for the job.

best tent brands

Durability and quality are paramount when selecting the right tent for your camping adventure.  Taking out any concerns about keeping the weather out can only enhance your  enjoyment of the great outdoors   Here are five top rated tent brands which can make that decision much easier and keep you, your friends and family well protected from the elements.  

kodiak best tent brands


The Kodiac range has two major features that really make camping an enjoyable experience – weather protection and height.

The canvas has Hydra Shield Technology which ensures highest resistance to water penetration.  

It also provides breathability which cuts out that ‘cletchy’ damp feel you sometimes get in inferior brands due to condensation keeping your tent fresh and airy.  This technology gives the canvas great resistance to mildew which is a massive plus when it’s difficult to dry out your tent after your vacation.

On the down side the kodiak range does look slightly dated but with plenty of height you can stand up and don’t go home like a creaking right angle after permanently bending down!  

With these two essential features I believe the look of the tent is secondary and previous customer reviews will really give you confidence in this rugged tent that provides plenty of space, durability and weather protection.

See the Kodiak Tent Brand Range Here

eureka best tent brandsEureka

The Eureka brand has an excellent track record which stretches back over 120 years, founded as the Eureka Tent and Awning Company in Binghampton, New York.  

The Eureka tent has been used by the US Army during the Second World War, Sir Edmund Hilary and by the first all US expidition to Everest in the 1960’s.

Storm Shield Cloth is used accross the range and is a highly effective polyester fabric that combats any type of weather keeping you dry and snug.

Eureka Tents are specifically designed for all types of use.  Backpackers will be grateful for a light durable tent while families can enjoy large roomy space and ventilation.  Eureka take great pride in fine tuning durability, weather resistance and the size and weight of each tent design to ensure the greatest experience possible.

Eureka tents come in a large range of colors, shapes, styles and sizes to suit all types of use and you will be spoilt for choice!

120 years of tentmaking makes this a brand you can relly trust.

See the Eureka Tent Brand Range Here

best tent brands colemanColeman Tents

Coleman is one of the largest tent brands with tents available from small 2 man up to spacious family tents sleeping 9.

The Coleman tent brand focusses on two really important aspects – weather protection and speed.  Weather protection is paramount but it is interesting to see that coleman have identified the most frustrating part of camping – the tent setup.  

If you have ever arrived at camp when the sun is about to dip below the horizon all you want is to get the tent pitched securely for the night.  Coleman tents are classified in terms of their speed to setup with three gradings:

  • Conventional pitch
  • Fast pitch
  • Instant pitch (within 60 seconds)

This gives you an additional option for tent setup speed although you will find that the instant pitch tents may come at a premium price due to this feature.

Coleman tents are produced with their own special Weathertec System which keeps rain out by concentrating on the key areas of penetration within such as the floor. pole holes and of course the fabric itself.

See the Coleman Tent Brand Range Here

ALPS Mountaineering

best tent brands alps mountineering

As the brand name suggests this range of tents is aimed at mountineering.  However, the range is generally for smaller mobile groups such as backpackers and hunters with a lightweight range of highly portable tents.  

There are large tents available but if you’re the ‘on the go’ type out in the wilds the Alps brand may be just right for you.

The ALPS Mountaineering brand  began back in 1993 with a mission statement: ‘to create durable, high-performance products without the premium price tag that consumers would expect to find on such high-quality outdoor gear’

The lightweight tents are designed for a quick and easy setup with their free standing pole system and pole clips on a majority of the range to get you under cover quickly.  Weather protection is excellent with flooring and fly seams factory sealed for maximum resistance to anty water penetration.

There are other add on options available on some models such as increased standing height, waterproof fly sheets and mesh doors.  You can also get additional vestibule space if you need it (dependant on model).

Ideal for portability – lightweight and extremely durable the ALPS brand offers a great range of affordable tents specific to backpacking, hunting and on the go campers!

See the ALPS Mountineering Tent Brand Range Here

best tent brands wenzelWenzel

The Wenzel brand has been supplying family tents for over 120 years and that longevity is a mark of quality and real understanding of its customers.  

The Wenzal mission is simple – to help more families experience the outdoors

Wenzel is without doubt one of the best tent brands on the market offering a large range of tents aimed at the family market.  The size range covers every number of campers from a single man tent up to extended family with everything in between.

Wenzel have incorporated a few innovations in their tent range over the years that make the camping experience even better.  The Insect Armour insect protection built into the fabric keeps those pesky bugs and biting insects at bay.  

The recent Vortex range has an efficient set up system that can be operated by one person with blow up and quickly deflatable poles. The EZ range of tents can be set up in under a minute and an integrated tent light reflection is available making the inside of the tent well illuminated.

With great weather protection qualities, new innovative technology and a huge range of tenting options the Wenzel brand, with its long history in camping is one to be reckoned with!

See the Wenzel Tent Brand Range Here

Best Tent Brands – Conclusion

These five brands are right up there and have enviable track records in the camping industry.  Each brand has great quality and basic essentials such as ultimate weather protection and fabric protection are covered.

The question for each individual camper is which features and tent design is desired.  For the backpacker a lightweight, durable and fast set up tent may be the main considerations while a large family will need space and internal partitions.  

Cost will also have a bearing particularly if your budget is tight as pricing can vary widely between different brands. 

Whatever your camping requirements I am confident you will find the right tent amongst these five great brands which and make your decision easy and enjoy the great outdoors!

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