Which is the best wearable fitness tracker for me?


Which is the best wearable fitness tracker – high end spec?

For all the fitness wannabe’s out there, it’s time we took our goals into our own hands. Smart phones have an app that can track our types of fitness, function as pedometers, and have GPS’s so we don’t get lost while we are running or hiking outside.

But what if there was a gadget that could combine the functionality of a smart phone, a PC, and a personal trainer all in one? We found a few that do just that.

Fitbit-surge-fitness-superwatchFitbit Surge Fitness Super watch

Instead of randomly training and wondering how much progress you may (or may not) have made, try the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch to train yourself better. Yes it is the highest price ticket in the fitbit range but if you are still pondering which fitbit to get and which fitbit would benefit the most – It’s like having a personal trainer strapped to your wrist. It looks like a watch, but it is so much more.

It has comes complete with a GPS, heart rate monitor, ability to track your activities, sleep detection, controls your music, and gives you texts and call “smart” notifications. Did we mention it also tells the time? With multi-sport functionality, you can record your levels of biking, running, cross training, cardio workouts, plus track the intensity of your workouts and the amount of calories that you burned.

  • GPS – tracks distance, pace, and routes
  • Activity tracking (similar to a pedometer)– tracks step amount, calories burned, distance traveled
  • Smart Notifications – alerts you of incoming texts and calls; manages your music playlist
  • Sleep detection – monitors your sleep patterns; sets a silent alarm to gently wake you
  • Multi-sport – no limit to the type of exercise you’re doing – if you’re moving, its providing a comprehensive workout summary for you
  • PurePulse – continuous heart rate monitoring

See the latest price for the Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch right here…

Not convinced? then see the fitbit alternatives below…

GARMIN-610-FORERUNNER-TOUCHSCREENGarmin Forerunner 610 Touchscreen SmartWatch

This watch is a runner’s best friend. It does all the work so you can just focus on running. A plus to this watch is that it has a touchscreen interface. Touch, swipe, and scroll to set, adjust, and view your workout summary while toggling between data fields.

It can track the distance you’ve run, your current GPS position, heart rate, calories burned, and tracks your starting point so you can travel new routes without worrying about how to get back to where you started. It also tracks traditional things such as your weight, body fat, water retention, and more. It does more for you so you can focus on your workout.

• GPS – remembers your home point while tracking your current route
• Heart rate monitor – tracks and monitors your heart rate (sold separately)
• Virtual Racer – lets you “race” your previous running times to challenge yourself
• Training Effect – measures your heart rate during aerobic activities to accurately count calories burned
• Stores your info – wirelessly updates your activity information to Garmin Connect when you’re in range of your computer so you can review your stats later

See the latest price for the Garmin Forerunner 610 Touchscreen SmartWatch right here

neptune-pine-16gb-smartwatchNEPTUNE Pine 16GB Smart watch

Truly the first unadulterated fitness watch that has just about everything. In the guise of a wrist watch, it allows you to text, call, email, watch videos, and browse the web with a touch screen interface. With a front and rear-facing camera, you can take videos, photos, and selfies wherever you are, then send them to your friends. You can also listen to all of your favorite tunes straight from your wrist.

Thanks to the Android Jelly Bean operating system, you can connect to the world via your wrist. Regarding athletic performance, it’s a glorified pedometer that tracks your movements, calories, speed, pace, and location. With all of these high performance capabilities, the Neptune commands a higher price than the rest of the smart watches on our list. But where else can you get all of this in one place?

• Full QWERTY keyboard
• Speech to text capability
• Front and rear-facing 5 megapixel camera
• Play music (listen via headphones or the built-in speaker)
• GPS capability
• Activity tracking (speed, calories, etc.)

See the latest price for the NEPTUNE Pine 16GB Smartwatch right here…

samsung-gear-2-neo-smartwatchSamsung Black Gear 2 Neo Smart Watch

This watch combines your PC, phone, and MP3 player while throwing in a personal trainer. You can customize the large display screen background to your preference, take pictures, make phone calls, send texts and emails, get “quick glance” notifications from your phone, listen to music with via a Bluetooth headset, and change the channel on your TV. This watch is only compatible with Android phones. Track your fitness goals, calories burned, and watch your heart rate.

• Consolidates your phone and MP3 into one
• Tracks steps, calories burned, and heart rate
• Water resistant and dust proof
• Has “quick glance” smart notifications for texts and calls
• Change band color at any time

See the latest price for the Samsung Black Gear 2 Neo Smart Watch right here…

withings-activate-activity-and-sleep-trackerWithings Activite Pop Smart Watch Activity and Sleep Tracker

By combining a watch with your smart phone, Withings delivers to us the product of that union. Yes, it tells the time as any good watch should. But it does more. It will sync with your smart phone (compatible with Android or iOS) to track your fitness levels, gather your playlists, and uploads your activities to the free Health Mate app. Be warned that it cannot track cycling right now. However, a nice perk for swimmers, it’s water resistant up to 150 feet.

• Automatically tracks walking/running steps, distance, calories burned
• Monitors sleep cycles
• Silent alarm setup tracks deep/light sleep cycles and how many times you awaken
• Comes with free Health Mate app

See the latest price for the Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch Activity and Sleep Tracker right here…


neptune-pine-16gb-smartwatch-2Are you still wondering which is the best wearable fitness tracker for me?

Smartwatches take the guess work out of an athlete’s progress. Gone are the days of holding your smart phone in sweaty hands while running a few miles and hoping you don’t drop it. We no longer need to guess how far we’ve walked or how much we’ve burned.

If you’re serious about getting accurate statistics from your workout so you can reach your goals and challenge yourself, then a smartwatch is an amazing tool. We believe that the two smart watches that had the edge were the Fitbit Superwatch and the NEPTUNE Pine 16GB Smart watch.

Fitbit vs Neptune

We looked carefully at both and picked our winner – For the athlete who wants everything, the Neptune has it all. A perfect hybrid of everything you need wrapped into one sleek watch – possibly the best smartwatch in the world!

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