How to diet successfully without exercise

how to diet successfully without exercise
Shedding weight in one week and beyond!

The biggest problem with our hectic lives is the lack of time. When you have a ‘full on’ career or a house to run full of kids that sap every ounce of energy there is very little ‘me’ time to work off those extra pounds.

The desire to lose weight is strong but the obstacles and temptations put in our way can be stronger. ‘Easy weight loss diets’ are everywhere but beware! Most claims are total rubbish as the word ‘easy’ in relation to weight loss is a misconception. If every diet that claims to be easy were true a lot more of us would all be at our optimum weight.

If you change the word from ‘easy’ for ‘realistic’ and find a diet that fits what is realistic in your case you are half way there. If you are looking for successful ways to lose weight here are 5 rapid weight loss tips that can help in your quest to lose weight fast without exercise.

Remove and replace temptation:

how-to-diet-easily-without-exercise-slim-by-designIf you have a cupboard full of biscuits, chocolate and other little snacks that are packed with carbohydrates you will be relying on willpower alone – not easy over the long-haul. Make a simple adjustment and don’t keep tempting goodies at home battling against you will. Or if you can’t do that try keeping a bowl of fruit that you can graze on instead.

Author of ‘Slim by Design – Mindless eating solutions for everyday life’ Professor Brian Wansink found that if you have a bowl of fruit in your home you would be more likely to lose more weight than a person that doesn’t. His study concludes that this simple dietary action can help lose up to 8 pounds.

Meal time discipline becomes habit.

Eat only at official meal times. Its not rocket science but it will take a fair chunk of self discipline to keep the momentum going.

The good news is that once you have applied self discipline for a while and cut out all food between meals – practice will become habit. Remember that the big bad wolf of temptation is only one stomach rumble away but if you keep on target it will get easier.

6-ways-to-lose-belly-fat-without-exerciseTake your time when eating.

‘A wonderful thing is a pelican. Its beak can hold more than its belly can’

Your stomach doesn’t let you know when you are full straight away. It takes time for the brain to register when you have had enough to eat. Meanwhile back at the ranch you have eaten another portion of fries, a donut and a second helping of Ben and Jerrys…OUCH!

The simple trick is to take your time. You won’t die of starvation if you slow down a bit and it will give your brain the chance to receive the signal before you trough down another 300 calories!

Sleep those pounds away!

That was a misleading statement. However medical evidence suggests that if you get enough quality sleep it makes a significant contribution to weight loss. Studies have shown that people who have poor sleep management tend to be at more risk from obesity.

Why is this? If have any form of sleep deprivation it affects your mindset which in turn affects your ability to manage and control your food intake. In a nutshell you are more likely to be in psychological control of your food intake if you are mentally refreshed rather than half asleep with one hand on the cookie jar!

how to diet successfully without exerciseAvoid negativity and embrace positivity

‘Your home is your castle’ as they say over the pond in the UK and you have control and direct influence while in those four walls. However it’s so easy to be influenced by those negative little critters who try and undermine your positive goals. ‘Go on – one more beer won’t hurt’ says a friend. ‘That diet stuff is a load of baloney’ says another as they pass you another slice of pecan pie.

The best thing is to either have a quick word with them to put them firmly in a place that will give you positive vibes or avoid them for a while – especially when you are starting out on your new regime and are pretty vulnerable.

If you have friends and work mates that are positive you can use this to your advantage by telling them what your goals are and update them with some stat’s on your progress. This puts peer pressure on yourself. You will feel the need to maintain progress so that you don’t let yourself down in front of your your friends and workmates.

How you lose weight without exercise – go for it!

So there you have it – some simple but logical steps you can take without having to starve yourself in the process.  So now you know how to lose weight fast if your obese or just over your ideal weight – It works either way.  

Just eat normally at meal times and if you follow these simple tips you will be well on your way to shedding those unwanted pounds.  There are other effective ways to lose weight such as having a gastric band fitted (drastic band is more apt!) or intense physical workouts but the five realistic ways to lose weight in this article are cheaper, less painful and very easy to implement.

Fitbit-Charge-Activity-WristbandExtra Motivation

As an added motivator – there are fitness trackers that can monitor sleep patterns in addition to monitoring physical exertion – See our review on the Fitbit range of fitness trackers for more information right here…