work out machines for home – 5 top rated home gyms

work out machines for homeGyms have every piece of work out equipment under the sun that you need to strengthen your muscles and lose weight. Curls, squats, rowing, and lifting are basic exercises that target the major muscle groups. So what happens when you don’t have time to go to the gym? Bring the gym to you.

Having a work out machine at home saves time and money while still accomplishing the same workout goals. Busy family life, late nights at the office, and heavy traffic interfere with commuting to the gym.

Investing in an all in one work out machine means you’re no longer at the mercy of the elements. Lots of work out machines are available, but you need to figure out which is the right one for you. Some are costly while others aren’t. And there’s always home gyms on sale throughout the year. You just need to know which one to buy.

marcy diamond home gym photoMarcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

The first all in one workout machine on our list is this fantastic piece of art. It focuses on strengthening muscles that we use for regular everyday movements as well as more sophisticated sports-specific exercises.

Do you really need to be able to lift 100 pounds? No, but carrying five bags of groceries without straining yourself would be nice. Arms, shoulders, pecs, and deltoids get stretched and strengthened thanks to the press bar.

The cable-routed pulley systems offers a myriad of lifting exercises. Work your arms, back, and legs as you pull and stretch with the rower. The weight bench has a total leg developer plus more bicep preacher curls. Let’s not forget to work out the chest at the pectoral fly station.

The work out equipment for this home gym combines the nylon pulley system as well as a free weight rack (storage posts included). The compact design doesn’t take up much space and has the combined benefits of three machines in one.

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bowflex PR1000 home gymBowflex PR1000 Home Gym

As one of the top rated home gyms on the market, Bowflex is a highly trusted brand. Developing work out machines that incorporate gym-designed workouts to your living room is what they do best.

The PR1000 has no weight stack or plates. It works purely on resistance with a range of 5 – 210 pounds via bows. Combining the versatility of over 30 strength exercises plus cardio takes away the need to ever visit the gym again.

Curls, crunches, presses, pull downs, push downs, leg extensions, and rowing can all be done on this one machine. You know those muscles you haven’t used in years? The PR100 will remind you exactly where they are as you stretch, strengthen, and define them.

A workout placard display outlines different exercises for easy reference as you exercise. Little space is required to keep it permanently set up. But if you need the space, just fold it up and store it when you’re done.

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body solid 3000lps D stack home gymBody Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym

Who says you have to work out all by your lonesome? Grab a buddy or two and get ready to break a sweat. As a workout machine for home use, it’s not typical to find one with multiple full-sized stations.

There are three stations here: Press Arm, Perfect Pec, and Leg Press/Calf Press Stations. This puts regular work out machines to shame. Using two 210-pound weight stacks that function independently means you and your buddy can lift simultaneously at different stations. No weight plates to change or keep organized.

Seated rowing can be done from the comfortable vinyl bench. Then move fluidly onto leg extensions. Crunches can be cranked out afterward for a complete workout. An outstanding piece of work out equipment to be sure, but the price is steep. But if the ultimate fitness workout is your priority, this is a great choice.

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bowflex blaze home gym keep fit systemBowflex Blaze Home Gym

How can you go wrong with a single piece of work out equipment that offers over 60 exercises? The lat tower and bar builds muscle in the back and shoulders while increasing definition.

Move on to the lower pulley squat station and focus on glutes, quads, and hamstrings. If that’s not enough, use the leg curl attachment to go crazy on leg day. It comes with a standard 210-pounds of resistance but can be upgraded to 310 or 410 pounds.

There are no heavy weight stacks; only resistance bows are used. It’s a heavy duty all in one work out machine, but the use of bows keeps it lightweight and compact. Just like the work out equipment you see at expensive gyms, it combines strength building and cardio in one nicely put-together machine.

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body craft galena pro home gym systemBodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym

The BodyCraft is a nice compromise between beginner work out equipment and a body builder’s dream machine. Sporting two separate exercise stations gives you the opportunity for a solid workout without breaking your budget.

You can use this all in one workout machine with a friend or alone. Fly exercises at the Pec Deck station work arms, shoulders, and back. The Low Pulley station focuses on kicks, low rowing, curls, deltoid raises, and lots more.

Bench presses, incline presses, mid-level rowing, and shoulder presses can be done straight from the bench. The 200-pound weight stack gives you the same workout a gym would.

If you reach your goal and feel like upgrading, there are several pieces available like leg presses and leg extensions that can be purchased separately.

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Which work out machines for home would be right for you?

Purchasing an all in one workout machine can give you the same benefits that going to the gym can. You don’t have to get one of the top rated home gyms that cost a fortune. Home gyms on sale are everywhere. But if your home gyms exercise equipment isn’t giving you the results you want, it’s time to upgrade.

The Bowflex PR1000 is inexpensive and gives you all the exercises an expensive gym can. It’s one of the better work out machines for home use that won’t break the bank or take up too much space.

For the more dedicated person, the Body Solid EXM3000LPS is worth every penny. It delivers high quality craftsmanship, three adult-sized workout stations, and an array of exercises that work and tone every single muscle. If you have the extra space and funds, this is a fabulous arrangement of work out equipment for home gyms.

Stop wasting your time and money going to the gym. Contemplate how to make your home gyms exercise equipment work for you. Decide which of these work out machines is going to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Make the investment, and get that workout started!